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Gain a competitive edge for your business with our advanced AI bot. Find competitors and analyze competitor website traffic, uncovering hidden opportunities and exploiting their weaknesses. Leverage AI to drive strategic decision-making, unlock growth potential, and propel your business to new heights.

Easy setup, zero coding, plug & play file
Runs on autopilot using ChatGPT
Fully customizable and adjustable

Bot setup guide

This bot is powered by, a free no-code platform that allows to connect multiple apps in one place.

Includes a duplicatable bot template and an exact step-by-step setup guide to get the bot running.

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Set up the Bot

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Adapt ChatGPT prompts

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Launch it

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Find Competitors and Analyze Competitor Website Traffic


Discover Competitors

Find your competitors easily using our advanced bot, gaining invaluable insights into their strategies and tactics.


Analyze Website Traffic

Dive deep into competitor website traffic analysis using Sintra AI, revealing untapped market segments to exploit and capture.


Strategic Decision-Making

Leverage AI-powered analytics to make informed decisions that propel your business forward, outmaneuvering competitors and achieving sustainable growth.


Integrate with your daily tools

This AI bot is a powerful tool designed to help you find companies within your niche by conducting comprehensive searches. Once the search is complete, it analyzes the gathered data and performs a detailed comparison with your own business. The final results are presented in a user-friendly format through Google Docs, providing valuable insights to inform your strategic decisions and enhance your competitive edge.

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Make it personal, make it yours

Conduct a niche-specific company search, analyze the findings, compare them with your business, and access the comprehensive report on Google Docs. Search for Companies in Your Niche → Analyze → Make a Comparison with Your Business → Read on Google Docs

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