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Supercharge your marketing strategy with our Target Audience Generator. Our AI-powered bot leverages your Google Maps search queries to generate comprehensive customer personas, providing you with invaluable insights to reach and engage your ideal target audience.

Easy setup, zero coding, plug & play file
Runs on autopilot using ChatGPT
Fully customizable and adjustable

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This bot is powered by, a free no-code platform that allows to connect multiple apps in one place.

Includes a duplicatable bot template and an exact step-by-step setup guide to get the bot running.

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Your Personalized Audience Builder


Invaluable Customer Insights

By analyzing your Google Maps search queries, our bot generates detailed customer personas, empowering you with invaluable insights to effectively reach and engage your target audience.


Effortless Buyer Persona Creation

Take your marketing to the next level with our Target Audience Generator. Create comprehensive customer personas, giving you a deeper understanding of your ideal target audience.


Optimize Your Marketing Reach

Harnessing the power of AI, this bot analyzes your Google Maps search queries, generating detailed customer personas that enable you to optimize your strategies and effectively connect with your target audience.


Integrate with your daily tools

This AI bot is capable of performing advanced tasks and can seamlessly navigate Google Maps to identify and analyze companies in a specific area. It then uses this data to generate a detailed customer persona, providing valuable insights into potential target audiences. Finally, this information is automatically added to your Google Docs.

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Make it personal, make it yours

Use Google Maps to search for companies in the area, analyze them, create a customer persona, and store the findings on Google Docs. Search on Google Maps → Analyse the Companies in the Area → Write a Customer Persona → Read on Google Docs

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