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Harness the potential of our AI Art Prompt Generator by Sintra AI. Take advantage of generating personalized image prompts with ease. Explore a world of AI-generated images, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

Easy setup, zero coding, plug & play file
Runs on autopilot using ChatGPT
Fully customizable and adjustable

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This bot is powered by, a free no-code platform that allows to connect multiple apps in one place.

Includes a duplicatable bot template and an exact step-by-step setup guide to get the bot running.

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Frequently faced issues

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Create With AI Art Prompt Generator


Effortless Prompt Generation

Easily generate customized image prompts with our user-friendly AI Art Prompt Generator, enabling you to explore and create with ease and efficiency.


Personalized AI Art

Unleash your artistic potential, effortlessly generating personalized image prompts to ignite your creativity.


Unlimited Possibilities

Dive into a limitless realm of AI-generated images using our Art Prompt Generator, opening up new horizons for innovative and unique artwork.


Integrate with your daily tools

Harness your voice on Telegram to transform messages into dynamic visuals. This bot uses Whisper AI and Stable Diffusion API to convert audio prompts into AI-generated images. It then sends the images back to Telegram.

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Make it personal, make it yours

The bot downloads your message, converts it into an image via the Whisper AI and Stable Diffusion API, providing custom AI visuals. New Voice Message on Telegram → Download Message File → Whisper AI API Call → Send Request to Stable Diffusion → Generate Image → Send Image back on Telegram

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