Automating Instagram Growth

ChatGPT is the Instagram growth wizard, the ultimate sidekick for your social media strategy. With its ability to generate captions, hashtags, and even respond to comments, ChatGPT will make sure your Instagram account is always one step ahead of the competition. It's like having your own personal Instagram assistant, but without the coffee runs or small talk. Just don't tell it to take a selfie, it might get a little too excited.


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Prompt #1



"Articulate an advanced, persuasive Instagram caption for a digital promotion of a specific product/service. This caption should be meticulously composed to maximize audience engagement and spur an intense inclination to further investigate and secure the product/service. The discourse should be convincingly articulated within a three-sentence per paragraph limit, incorporating the following elements:

Product/Service Framework:

- Product/Service Designation - [Name the product/service you are advertising]

- Product/Service Classification - [Delineate the category, niche, or industry of your product/service]

- Unique Selling Proposition of Product/Service - [What is the unique advantage or standout feature that your product/service offers, distinguishing it from competitors?]

Demographic Profiling:

- Gender - [Precisely define the gender: Male/Female/Non-binary/All]

- Age Demographic - [Mention the specific target age bracket]

- Aspirational Drive - [What is the chief ambition or aspiration your target audience adheres to?]

Problem Resolution Through Your Product/Service:

1. Primary Problem Resolution - [Identify the principal issue or pain point that your product/service resolves]

2. Secondary Problem Resolution - [Determine an additional issue or pain point that your product/service addresses]

Post-Consumption Emotional Impact:

1. Emotional Response 1 - [Specify the primary emotional response after using the product/service]

2. Emotional Response 2 - [Specify the secondary emotional response after using the product/service]

Narrative Structure:

1. Initiate with a captivating statement/question that aligns with the problem your product/service mitigates. Elicit an emotional response or sensation in your audience.

2. Amplify the unique selling proposition of your product/service. This could be a distinctive feature, advantage, or result that elevates your offering above competitors.

3. Convey the emotional metamorphosis the consumer will undergo after the consumption of the product/service, reinforcing the unique selling point.

4. Conclude with a compelling call-to-action that instills a sense of urgency, impelling viewers to investigate and secure the product/service without delay.

5. Round off with 3 to 5 relevant hashtags that encapsulate the theme, mission, and market of your product/service."

Prompt #2


"Write a caption for an Instagram post featuring a picture of [product/service] that highlights its [unique feature]."

Prompt #3


"Generate a list of hashtags I can use for my Instagram post about [topic]."

Prompt #4


“Write a creative Instagram caption for a post featuring a location that can generate high engagement. There is no fixed length, but the storytelling must be very immersive for the readers. Maximum 3 sentences per paragraph.


Location - [what is the name of this location?]

Location type - [city/beach/mountain/cafe/etc.]

Location’s specialty - [what makes this place famous or special?]

Your personal experience or impression about this location:

- [Experience/impression 1]

- [Experience/impression 2]

- [Experience/impression 3]

Your emotional response to this location:

- [Emotion 1]

- [Emotion 2]

Follow this structure:

1. Start with an attention-grabbing statement or question that relates to the location

2. Describe the location in a way that paints a vivid picture in the reader's mind. Use sensory language.

3. Convey the emotions you felt at this location.

4. Add personal experience or impression.

5. Give a call-to-action.

6. Tag relevant accounts or friends.

7. Add 3 to 5 relevant hashtags.”

Prompt #5


"Compose an Instagram post caption that showcases the benefits of [product/service] in a compelling way."

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Be specific and provide as much information as possible about the product/service, event, sale, topic, location, etc. that you want the caption or hashtags for.

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