Writing testimonial requests

ChatGPT is a versatile AI language model that can assist in generating testimonial requests. It can be a valuable tool for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to gather feedback and reviews from their customers, clients, or contacts. ChatGPT can help by suggesting different ways to phrase the request, tailor it to the audience, and provide examples of what could be included in a testimonial. With its natural language processing abilities, ChatGPT can make the process of writing testimonial requests quicker, more efficient, and more effective.


Copy a prompt, replace placeholders with relevant text, and paste it at Sintra Chat in the right, bottom corner for an efficient and streamlined experience.

Prompt #1



"I am seeking to obtain an insightful testimonial from our esteemed client, [CLIENT NAME], regarding their experiences and impressions after utilizing our [PRODUCT/SERVICE/COMPANY]. I require your expert assistance to compose an email that adheres to a [PROFESSIONAL/FRIENDLY] tone, which would effectively encourage the client to provide their feedback. 

The email should incorporate strategically placed prompts or open-ended questions that would guide the client's response, encouraging them to provide comprehensive feedback. The testimonial should ideally underscore the [SPECIFIC ASPECTS/FEATURES/RESULTS] of our [PRODUCT/SERVICE/COMPANY] that the client found most beneficial, effective, or transformative. 

Please ensure that the prompts focus on the overall impact of our product/service on their operations, the unique features that set us apart from competitors, and the measurable outcomes they've achieved as a result of our partnership. 

Additionally, the email should subtly encourage the client to share their testimonial on their social media platforms, thus expanding our visibility and reputation within their network. 

Could you please assist me in accomplishing this task by drafting a compelling, persuasive, and engaging email that would garner an informative and positive testimonial from [CLIENT NAME]?"

Prompt #2


"Asking for testimonials can be tricky, but I want to make sure we are getting valuable feedback from our [CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/PARTNERS]. Could you help me come up with a [CONCISE/PERSUASIVE/ENGAGING] message to send to our [EMAIL LIST/SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS/CUSTOMERS], asking them to share their experience with our [PRODUCT/SERVICE/COMPANY]? I would like the message to [INCLUDE/MENTION/REFER TO] any specific [FEATURES/BENEFITS/RESULTS] we want to highlight."

Prompt #3


"We are revamping our website and would like to include testimonials from our [CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/PARTNERS]. Can you help me write a [SHORT/COMPELLING/EMOTIONAL] request to send to them, asking for their feedback? I would like the request to [EXPLAIN/DETAIL/EMPHASIZE] the importance of their feedback and how it will help us improve our [PRODUCTS/SERVICES/COMPANY]. Additionally, I would like to [INCLUDE/REQUEST/ASK FOR] any [IMAGES/VIDEOS/SCREENSHOTS] they may have that we can use to showcase their experience."

Prompt #4


"We have worked with several [CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS] and would like to request testimonials from each of them. Can you help me come up with a [PERSONALIZED/TAILORED/INDIVIDUALIZED] template that we can use for each [CLIENT/CUSTOMER/PARTNER], and that includes different [QUESTIONS/PROMPTS/REQUIREMENTS] based on the [SERVICE/PRODUCT] they received? I want the template to [EMPHASIZE/HIGHLIGHT/SHOWCASE] the unique benefits of each service and to make it easy for them to provide their feedback."

Prompt #5


"I want to request a testimonial from [CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/PARTNERS] who have had a great experience with our [PRODUCT/SERVICE/COMPANY]. Could you help me craft a [WELL-WRITTEN/COMPELLING/INSIGHTFUL] request that is [AUTHENTIC/ENGAGING/PERSONAL], and encourages them to share their [HONEST/DETAILED/EMOTIONAL] feedback? I would like the request to [INCLUDE/MENTION/HIGHLIGHT] specific [FEATURES/BENEFITS/RESULTS] they found valuable and explain how their feedback will [HELP/IMPACT/BENEFIT] our business."

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Follow these guidelines to maximize your experience and unlock the full potential of your conversations with Sintra Chat.

Be clear and specific about what you are asking for. Provide clear instructions and examples of what you are looking for in the testimonial request.

Use persuasive language and a friendly tone to encourage people to respond. Explain why their feedback is valuable and how it will help you improve your business or services.

Customize the request based on the audience and their relationship with you. Use language and tone that is appropriate for the context and tailor the request to their specific experience with your business or services.

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