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We Believe The Future Of Work Is Play. 🕹️

With Sintra, work becomes a game. Where you play while your bots work. All in the background.

Repetitive work has been slowly killing human creativity.

Break free from the cycle of monotonous work of responding to emails, managing finances, and pushing spreadsheets.

Let our advanced technology take care of the mundane.

So you can focus on what really matters - building meaningful change.

The problem

This shouldn’t be normal.

Checking emails

The average worker in the US spends 3.5 hours checking emails every single day.

Pushing spreadsheets

With average employees spending 21 days in a year doing repetitive work.

Dying in meetings

And over with 62 meetings a month, half of those are considered wastes of time

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Meet Sintra AI

Empower creativity and efficiency with Sintra AI.

Revolutionize Your work with AI prompts and automation bots.

Focus on what matters.

You do the strategy, bots do the work.
Set direction and build meaningful change.

A Full Suite Of Helpers

Our automation bots are here to lend a helping hand in all aspects of your business, from social media management to boosting sales.

Meet our impressive lineup below!

Works 24/7

Where tasks are completed for you.

Simply assign tasks to our automation bots, and watch as they seamlessly integrate with your project management software, complete the tasks and provide detailed reports in real time.

Time saved

Reclaim valuable time and achieve more.

Measure your saved hours, tasks completed, and objectives fulfilled.

Accomplish more with fewer resources, maximizing productivity with Sintra AI's efficiency-driven approach.

Meet the team.

A full suite of helpers, available 24/7.

SEO Specialist


Adept at weaving keywords into a web of success, Seomi is your trusty guide in the digital maze of SEO.

Writes blog posts
Conducts SEO audits
Optimizes SEO on autopilot


Scouty is your trusted ally in finding the best talent. With an eagle eye for potential and a friendly approach, Scouty makes recruiting a breeze.

Headhunts candidates
Screens applications
Onboards employees


A creative soul with a knack for capturing attention with words. Penn, your writing wizard, knows how to tell a story that sells.

Writes landing pages
Crafts ad copy
Develops video scripts
Customer Service Agent


Empathetic and diligent, Cassie is a true master of customer satisfaction.

Responds to customer queries
Issues refunds
Updates FAQs
Junior Sales Manager


A go-getter who loves making connections. Persuasive, proactive, and a powerful ally on your team.

Conducts cold outreach
Manages CRM
Fills your calendar
Virtual Assistant


Your go-to guru for all things administrative, vigilant and incredibly virtuous.

Manages finances
Plans trips
Organizes birthdays

Works, even when you don’t.

Experience the ease of automation 24/7.
Achieve greatness without lifting a finger.


Manages all your social media.

From posting on Instagram, to creating your next social strategy.


Finds new hires while you sleep.

Sends cold emails, develops relationships, and builds trust.


Gets you on top of search engines.

Instead of thinking about new topics, Seomi automatically does all the work.

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