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Supercharge your research capabilities with our Linkedin Scraper Bot by Sintra AI. Unlock profound insights on individuals of interest by effortlessly analyzing their Linkedin profiles. Revolutionize your understanding with just a single glance.

Easy setup, zero coding, plug & play file
Runs on autopilot using ChatGPT
Fully customizable and adjustable

Bot setup guide

This bot is powered by, a free no-code platform that allows to connect multiple apps in one place.

Includes a duplicatable bot template and an exact step-by-step setup guide to get the bot running.

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Register to

Step 2

Set up the Bot

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Step 4

Adapt ChatGPT prompts

Step 5

Launch it

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Frequently faced issues

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Search And Analyze With LinkedIn Scraper Bot


Enhanced Research Efficiency

Effortlessly gather valuable insights on individuals of interest by analyzing their LinkedIn profiles, saving you time and providing you with a complete understanding at a glance.


Unlock Profound Insights

Revolutionize your understanding with our revolutionary LinkedIn Scraper Bot. By effortlessly analyzing LinkedIn profiles, gain profound insights on individuals of interest, allowing you to make informed decisions and establish meaningful connections.


Effortless Data Extraction

Take your research to the next level with our powerful LinkedIn Scraper Bot. Extract valuable data from LinkedIn profiles effortlessly, enabling you to analyze and make well-informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


Integrate with your daily tools

The AI bot is programmed to identify a specific individual through user input. The bot then utilizes web scraping techniques to gather relevant data from the selected person's LinkedIn profile. Afterwards, the bot employs its analytical capabilities to process the information and generate a comprehensive summary, which is made accessible to the user via Google Docs for further examination and review.

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Make it personal, make it yours

Selects an individual, scrapes the target's LinkedIn data, performs analysis, and accesses the summary through Google Docs. Choose a Person → Scrape His Linkedin → Analyse → Read the Summary on Google Docs

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