Work at Sintra
Play at Sintra. Build the future of work.

At Sintra, our goal is to turn work into play. Because at our core, we believe we’re still children. Playing life and work, one task at a time.

What we believe
How we build
Twelve different
AI employees
Powered by
Brain AI
With 90+
Integrations to common tools
For millions of freelancers and small business owners
Users can swipe on
their tasks
All in one easy interface
Customers from United States, Europe & Asia
What we’re building
Building a bunch of cool nerds. 
From sales to customer support.
Milli is your personal sales assistant – he can create sales emails and write converting pitch decks. Trained on the latest and greatest sales strategies.
Cassie is your personal customer support representative. She can respond to customer emails. She is enquisitive and always supportive.
Dexter is your data analyst – Dexter can analyse P&Ls, forecast sales, calculate your profitability and provide you valuable insights into your business.
Scouty is your HR professional – Scouty can find great talent, generate ideas how to hire, create recruiting programs and onboard employees.
Vizzy is your executive virtual assistant – Vizzy can help you with managing your schedule, completing repetitive tasks and other manual work.
💡 Focused on building a product that people will love.
Our main priority right now is to build a product that people will love to use daily. That means building interfaces and use cases that people will use on a daily basis, in a collaborative fashion with their AI employees. Whether it’s on their phone in a subway or at their work desks.
Behind the scenes
Meet the team
Kris Sidlauskas
Rokas Judickas
Product Lead
Vasaris Kaveckas
Founding Engineer
Arnas Stasiulis
Founding Engineer
Alex Urbanavicius
Head of Growth
Lukas Ostrovskis
Senior Engineer
Emily Lik
Customer Support Lead
Ava Juknaite
Customer Support
Mija Beganskaitė
Communications Specialist
Nojus Bakanas
Social Media Lead
What we believe
How we build
Work is play
Focus on playing the best game you can given the rules of the game. Results will follow.
Build cool stuff
We trust our gut to build cool things. Humans are not just data-driven machines.
Consumer first
The product should work great out of the box. Even for less tech-savvy entrepreneurs.
Move with respect and gratitude
Without a safe environment for all humans, creativity stagnates. Respect and integrity for everyone involved is key.
Honest and open about how we feel
When we’re open, creativity flows easier – that’s also how we can improve faster. Less fake smiles, more open discussions.
Why work at Sintra
Extra benefits
Do work that matters. As a small team, your contribution will shape the product.
Share options. Join as early-stage and get an equity stake in the Sintra’s future.
Equipment. Get equipment to do your best work. Whether it’s a laptop or cameras.
Flexible hours. Do your best work when you’re productive. Whether it’s midnight or noon.
Location freedom. Sometimes, your best work gets done outside the office. You choose.
Health insurance. Coverage of all needed expenses with a private health insurance.