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Take your merchandising to a whole new level with our revolutionary Product Image Generator. Powered by AI image generators, effortlessly create stunning merchandise imagery tailored to your subjects. Automated publication of your unique merch items to your online store is just a click away.

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Runs on autopilot using ChatGPT
Fully customizable and adjustable

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This bot is powered by, a free no-code platform that allows to connect multiple apps in one place.

Includes a duplicatable bot template and an exact step-by-step setup guide to get the bot running.

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Automate Creation And Publication With Product Image Generator


Elevate Merchandising

Leverage our revolutionary Product Image Generator to elevate your merchandising game with stunning imagery tailored to your unique subjects, all powered by advanced AI image generators.


AI Image Creation

Effortlessly create professional-grade merchandise images with ease using our Product Image Generator, saving you time and resources in the process.


Seamless Online Publication

Take the hassle out of merchandising by automating the publication of your unique product images to your online store with just one click, streamlining your sales process.


Integrate with your daily tools

This AI bot is a creative powerhouse that transforms your ideas into reality. It harnesses its visionary capabilities to bring your concepts to life visually and then seamlessly integrates with Printify, crafting captivating designs on custom t-shirts for you to enjoy and share.

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Make it personal, make it yours

Generate an Idea → Write it to The Bot → Generating design→ Send to Printify → Puts Your Idea on T-shirts

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