Unlock the Power of Personalized AI with Brain AI

Empower your AI helpers with context-rich knowledge, tailored to your brand or business. Experience smarter, more efficient conversations and tasks with our revolutionary Brain AI feature.

Your Business, Your Knowledge

Brain AI is more than just storage - it's your digital business brain. Input text, webpages, and files to create a comprehensive knowledge base that all our AI Helpers can access, ensuring contextually rich and personalized assistance.

AI That Grows With You

Brain AI evolves daily. Our Helpers ask personalized questions about your brand, continuously expanding their understanding. The more you interact, the smarter and more attuned to your needs Brain AI becomes.

Of users report increase in response accuracy after filling Brain AI.
5.2 hours
Saved for users per week by eliminating repetitive context-setting.

Create Your Profile

Set up your brand in minutes. Add basic info to get started.

Feed Your AI Brain

Answer quick daily questions. Easily add new info as you work.

Enjoy Smarter Helpers

Chat with AI Helpers that know your brand. Get personalized results instantly.

Even more Advanced Capabilities Built-in

Brain AI offers a suite of powerful features already integrated in Sintra experience. Designed to streamline your daily workflow.

Multi-format input

Support for text, webpages, PDFs, TXTs, CSVs, and DOCXs

Quick-save functionality

Instantly add important information from chats to your Brain AI

Automatic summarization

Information is condensed into quick-fact format for easy reference

Daily learning

AI Helpers ask personalized questions to continuously improve understanding

Seamless integration

Brain AI works across all Helpers and Power-Ups

Profile switching

Easily switch between different brand profiles within the same chat thread

Get Brain AI and personal AI Helpers today.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Brain AI differ from regular AI interactions?

Brain AI creates a personalized knowledge base for your brand, allowing for more accurate and contextually rich interactions without repetitive explanations.

Can I use Brain AI for multiple brands or clients?

Yes, you can create up to 5 distinct Brain AI profiles, making it perfect for agencies or multi-brand businesses.

How does Brain AI learn about my brand?

Our AI Helpers ask daily personalized questions about your brand, and you can also directly input information or save important details from your chats.

Is my data in Brain AI secure?

We prioritize data security and use advanced encryption methods to protect your information. Your Brain AI data is only accessible to use by you and your designated AI Helpers.

Can I use Brain AI for personal projects too?

Absolutely! Brain AI is versatile and can be used for both professional and personal contexts, helping you manage different aspects of your life more efficiently.