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Your social media manager, on AI.


Your customer support genius, on AI.


Your data analytics expert, on AI.


Your business  strategist, on AI.


Your email 
marketer, on AI.


Your personal growth coach, on AI.


Your recruitment partner, on AI.


Your copywriting expert, on AI.


Your eCommerce 
manager, on AI.


Your sales strategist, on AI.


Your personal SEO mastermind, on AI.


Your executive 
assistant, on AI.

Soshie features

Creates social media posts
Soshie can create and ideate social media posts specifically for your exact brand
Revamps your social strategy
Rethinks your social strategy on how you can improve
Boosts your social media presence
Increase your social media presence by becoming more active on social media
Designs your social profiles
Design your social profiles to get into more eyes of your customers.
Consults you on your brand image
Get guidance on your brand image and how you can improve your standings.
Finds new social trends
Stay on top of the latest and greatest social trends.

Cassie features

Helps respond to new customer emails
Let Cassie handle the routine task of responding to customer emails quickly and efficiently. With new features added every month.
Manages live chat interactions
Cassie can help take over live chat duties, ensuring your customers receive immediate and thoughtful responses.
Replies to social media comments
Boost your social engagement by having Cassie promptly reply to comments and queries on your social platforms.
Updates product manuals and FAQs
Cassie helps create detailed and easy-to-understand product manuals that enhance customer satisfaction.
Generates your support reports
Cassie can compile comprehensive support reports to help you track customer issues and resolutions.
Helps your team alleviate manual work
Cassie can be used by your current team to help streamline current customer support workflows even further. With no added billing for new seats.

Dexter features

Analyzes market trends
Dexter provides in-depth analysis of market trends, helping you stay ahead of industry shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
Optimizes operational efficiency
Utilize Dexter's analytics to streamline your operations, reducing costs and improving service delivery through data-driven insights.
Predicts customer behavior
Dexter uses predictive analytics to forecast customer behaviors, enabling more targeted marketing and product development strategies.
Improves budget allocation
Dexter evaluates how your budget is spent across various departments, suggesting optimizations for better resource utilization.
Monitors your financial health
Keep track of your company’s financial stability and growth trends with Dexter’s comprehensive health checks.
Generates balance sheets
Maintain up-to-date balance sheets with Dexter’s automated financial reporting capabilities.

Buddy features

Consults you on your business
Understand your business and metrics better as Buddy analyzes demographics, preferences, and behaviors to refine your approach.
Generates new business strategies
Buddy crafts tailored marketing and business growth strategies that align with your business goals and market dynamics.
Launches new products
Smoothly launch new products with Buddy’s comprehensive planning and execution support in every single step.
Manages stakeholder relationships
Keep your investors and stakeholders informed with precise and compelling updates written by Buddy.
Analyzes competitors
Gain a competitive edge as Buddy provides deep insights into your competitors' strategies and market performance.
Provides you with innovative business ideas
Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, Buddy helps generate innovative business ideas to keep you ahead of the curve.

Emmie features

Creates welcome emails
Emmie creates engaging welcome emails that make a great first impression and set the tone for your new subscribers.
Builds abandoned cart email flow strategies
Emmie crafts targeted emails to re-engage customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases.
Enhances post-purchase experience
Strengthen customer relationships with Emmie’s post-purchase follow-ups that encourage feedback and repeat business.
Organizes your email campaigns
Manages and executes comprehensive email marketing campaigns that captivate and convert your audience.
Generates your email content
From newsletters to promotional updates, Emmie provides fresh, compelling content for all your email needs.
Helps re-engage your past customers
Emmie generates win-back email flows to rekindle interest and reactivate customers who haven't purchased in a while.

Gigi features

Plans your meals
Gigi creates personalized meal plans that cater to your dietary preferences and nutritional goals.
Assists with your studies
Gigi offers strategies and resources to enhance your learning process, helping you achieve academic success.
Organizes your workouts
Stay fit and healthy with Gigi’s customized workout plans that match your fitness level and objectives.
Tracks your personal goals
With Gigi, set and track personal goals, from career milestones to personal development objectives.
Offers motivational support
Receive regular motivational boosts and affirmations from Gigi to keep you inspired and on track towards your goals.
Helps you plan your day
Gigi helps organize your daily activities, ensuring you maximize productivity without overlooking personal time.

Scouty features

Screens your resumes
Streamline your hiring process as Scouty efficiently screens resumes, identifying the most promising candidates quickly.
Generates outreach emails
Maintain consistent communication with potential hires through automated, personalized email campaigns managed by Scouty.
Plans your interviews
Organize and schedule interviews effectively with Scouty’s assistance, ensuring a smooth interview process for both candidates and interviewers.
Onboards new employees
Facilitate a welcoming and efficient onboarding process for new hires with Scouty's structured onboarding tools.
Writes job descriptions
Attract the right talent with clear, engaging, and precise job descriptions tailored to each role in your organization.
Advises on hiring strategies
Scouty provides expert guidance on refining your hiring strategies to attract top talent and streamline the recruitment process.

Penn features

Writes your Facebook ads
Penn crafts compelling Facebook ads that capture attention and drive clicks, optimizing your social media marketing.
Scripts your video ads
Penn produces persuasive video ad scripts that connect with viewers and encourage them to take action.
Composes your email newsletters
Keep your subscribers informed and engaged with well-crafted email newsletters that reflect your brand’s message and values.
Writes your landing pages
Create high-converting landing pages with compelling copy that persuades visitors to take action, all written by Penn.
Authors your blog posts
Produce engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts that attract and retain readership, boosting your site's visibility and authority.
Crafts your promotional materials
From brochures to online banners, Penn can handle a variety of promotional materials to consistently convey your brand’s message.

Commet features

Writes converting landing pages
Commet crafts engaging and persuasive landing pages that convert visitors into customers in just a few clicks.
Creates product descriptions
Enhance your product appeal with detailed and attractive descriptions
Gathers customer testimonials
Commet collects and organizes customer testimonials to build trust and credibility for your brand and then prepares them for your website
Finds new winning products
Identify potential bestsellers for your eCommerce store with Commet's data-driven product finding.
Analyzes and optimizes your Shopify store
Get a comprehensive analysis of your Shopify store's performance and areas from Commet with actionable items for improvement.
Calculates your profit margins
Commet helps determine the profitability of your products, ensuring you make informed pricing decisions, so that you are always on track.

Milli features

Generates your call scripts
Milli crafts engaging scripts to improve your cold calling techniques, boosting success rates and confidence.
Drafts your cold emails
Generate effective cold emails with Milli's tailored templates that grab attention and elicit responses.
Builds your sales proposals
Create compelling sales proposals that clearly communicate value and drive deal closures with Milli's assistance.
Develops better sales strategy
Milli helps you formulate a comprehensive sales strategy, aligning your goals with market opportunities to maximize growth.
Advises on negotiation strategies
Enhance your deal-making with Milli's expert advice on negotiation tactics tailored to each sales scenario.
Boosts your team morale
Milli provides tools and techniques to maintain high team morale, ensuring your sales team stays motivated and productive.

Seomi features

Writes your SEO blog posts
Seomi crafts engaging and optimized blog posts that boost your website's search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.
Conducts your SEO audits
Improve your website's SEO performance with comprehensive audits that identify and help rectify issues affecting your search visibility.
Researches your keywords
Seomi identifies high-value keywords tailored to your market and audience, enhancing your content's reach and relevance.
Optimizes your web pages
Enhance your on-page SEO with Seomi’s strategies for content optimization, ensuring your pages rank higher in search results.
Monitors your backlinks
Track and analyze your backlink profile with Seomi to maintain a healthy and effective link-building strategy.
Improves your site structure
Seomi evaluates and optimizes your website’s structure for better user experience and search engine indexing.

Vizzy features

Manages all your visual needs
From improving quality, removing backgrounds, to creating custom images, Vizzy handles all aspects of image preparation and optimization for your professional needs.
Plans your business trips
Organize all aspects of business travel, from flights and accommodations to itineraries, ensuring a smooth and productive trip.
Drafts your correspondence
From business emails to thank-you notes, Vizzy can draft and manage your correspondence, maintaining professionalism and timely communication.
Coordinates your meetings
Vizzy takes charge of meeting logistics, from scheduling to preparing agendas and minutes, facilitating productive discussions.
Facilitates project management
Keep your projects on track with Vizzy's project management tools, helping you meet deadlines and manage resources effectively.
Offloads routine tasks
Vizzy can handle repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up your time for more strategic activities.

Included with Soshie

Marketing Buddy
Social Media Strategy
Reels Script Writer
Viral Trend Finder
TikTok Writer
X Post Generator
YouTube Script Writer
LinkedIn Nuke

Included with Cassie

Comment Responder
Product Manual Generator
FAQ Generator
Customer Chat Responder
Support Report Creator
Customer Email Responder

Included with Dexter

Profit & Loss Calculator
Balance Sheet Generator
Sales Forecaster
ROI Calculator

Included with Buddy

Newsletter Strategy
Brand Generator
Investor Updates Email Writer
Marketing Strategy Generator
Product Launcher
Target Audience Analyser
Business Idea Generator
Meeting Notes Generator
Competitor Analyzer

Included with Emmie

Abandoned Cart Email Generator
Campaign Email Generator
Post-Purchase Flow Email Generator
Welcome Flow Email Generator
Email Calendar Generator
Pop-Up Text Generator
Win-Back Flow Email Generator
Content Email Generator

Included with Gigi

Meal Planner
Workout Planner
Schedule Creator
Study Helper

Included with Scouty

Resume Screener
Job Description Writer
Employee Onboard
Email Outreach Sender
Interview Planner
LinkedIn Outreacher

Included with Penn

Blog Post Write
Email Generator
Video Ad Script Writer
Tone Changer
VSL Writer
Email Newsletter Writer
Advertorial Writer
Facebook Ads Writer
Facebook Post Writer

Included with Commet

Winning Product Finder
Product Page Optimizer
Margin Calculator
Shopify Store Analyzer
Product Description Writer
Customer Testimonial
Landing Page Writer
Website Translator

Included with Milli

Cold Email Generator
Discovery Call Script Writer
Closing Call Script Writer
Follow-Up Email Generator
Incentive Plan Generator
Negotiation Advisor
Sales Contract Generator
Email List Builder
Proposal Builder
Cold Calling

Included with Seomi

SEO Blog Writer
SEO Auditor

Included with Vizzy

Image Generation
Birthday Organizer
Financial Reporter
Trip Planner
Upscale Image
Remove Background

You’re also getting

Unlimited usage
Send millions of messages with uncapped potential for your exact needs
Customizable Brain AI
Personalize your helper even further by adding custom information about your brand, such as website or files
More power with power-ups
Power-ups enable you to complete tasks in just a few button clicks.
Trained on 10,000+ unique data points
Your helper has been trained on over 10,000+ unique data points of industry knowledge
Powered by the most powerful AI models
Based on OpenAI’s GPT4.0 turbo engine, your helper can do complex reasoning and better creative work for the highest quality outputs.

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Sintra Helpers can help you in a variety of work-related tasks. From writing personalized emails, to crafting outreach strategies, to building meal plans and more. Each helper is trained on thousands of unique data points for their unique area of expertise. And, all the helpers can use your Brain AI data to personalize your outputs even more.
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