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Your social media manager, on AI.


Meet Soshie. The world’s first social media assistant that’s trained on tens of thousands of data touchpoints across all social media platforms. Providing you with a real co-worker experience, on AI.

Soshie can create social media campaigns, strategise posts, write content and manage all your socials.

Trained on thousands of best practices across social media platforms. Soshie has knowledge from even the greatest industry minds.

Available at all times. On your command

Type your request and start completing tasks in seconds, not hours.

Soshie can perform 15,000+ different tasks in seconds. From creating your social strategy, to growing your Linkedin presence.

Soshie, build a social media content calendar for my brand

Soshie, write a viral TikTok video script to grow my account

Soshie, generate a viral Linkedin post

Soshie, reply to this post comment

Soshie, what do you think my brand currently lacks on social media?

Soshie, what caption should I use for this post image?

With Soshie, you can generate images, connect to platforms and do social media tasks in seconds, not hours. Simply ask and go.

Savvy, social, fun. Soshie.

A surprising thing about Soshie...

Can write 15,000 TikTok reels scripts in one hour

Social Media
LinkedIn Marketing
Instagram Reels
TikTok Ads
Soshie’s hidden talent is...

Generating images from just one word

😼 Generating cute cat images
😎 Going viral
⭐️ Finding new trends
🏄 Engaging comments
Soshie’s ideal evening looks like...

Doing monthly social media calendars for clients

Soshie contains all the best practices from social media brands. And Soshie can work for you 24/7
Built on expert knowledge

Your smartest social media side-kick, yet.

Soshie has been trained on tens of thousands of unique data touch-points from the top social media marketers. It is smarter than most experts.

Up to


more accurate results than regular ChatGPT*
Powered by


the most powerful LLM currently available*
More than


additional data-points for better results*
Up to


average message response time*

Empowered by your Brain AI.

Your unique knowledge. Milli's expertise. Combined into one.


AI brain can get your website information


you can upload your files and documents to AI brain


answer questions about your unique business

You can add your knowledge to your AI brain at any time, simply select what you want to add.

Your knowledge.
At the core of everything.

Feed your brain. Answer questions about your brand for more unique results.

Add your files. From special instructions to books. All fed into your AI brain.

Your brain, used across tasks. Enable all your AI employees to provide better results.

Simply switch on or off. Stay in control your of how helpers use your data.

Make your helpers even smarter with the AI brain. This way, helpers can do work specific for your brand, without manual work.

The more you feed, the better the results. As helpers progress, they will ask for more information. The more information they have, the better the outcomes.

But wait, there’s more.

Unlock more power with Power-Ups

Soshie can automate your work even more with power-ups. Power-ups can enable Sintra helpers to connect to platforms or do more, with less.

Power-Ups available for Soshie

Are you one of the countless professionals who spend 3.5 hours a day on emails alone? 🕒

Imagine reclaiming that time for strategic thinking and creative pursuits. At Sintra AI, we're revolutionizing the workspace with our AI-powered automation bots – Seomi, Scouty, Penn, Cassie, Milli, and Vizzy – designed to handle the mundane so you can focus on the extraordinary.

Linkedin Viral Poster can produce viral Linkedin posts and auto-post them on your set dates directly to your platform.

Monday’s plan:

• LinkedIn: Share a blog post about the latest productivity trends.

• X: Share a productivity tip using Sintra helpers.

• Instagram: Post a motivational quote with a work-life balance theme.  

**Tuesday:** - Twitter: Retweet an industry influencer's post and add your perspective. - Facebook: Post a customer success story with a call-to-action (CTA) to learn more. - Instagram Stories: Share snippets from a team meeting, highlighting collaboration. 

Social Media Strategiser can create your whole social media strategy in just a few clicks.

[Background music playing]

[Scene: A person overwhelmed with work, surrounded by sticky notes, flipping through multiple tabs on their computer.]

Voiceover: "Drowning in emails? Endless admin tasks? Meet your new productivity partner: Sintra Helpers!"  [Cut to: Sintra Helpers logo appears on screen]  Voiceover: "Sintra Helpers are AI-powered companions designed to turbocharge your workday." 

TikTok Writer can produce viral video ideas by using your current brand knowledge.

Are you ready to work smarter, not harder? 🤖
Sintra AI is revolutionizing the way we approach tasks with intelligent automation that learns and adapts. Say goodbye to manual drudgery and hello to efficiency! #AIRevolution #SmartTech #Innovation

X Post Writer can create a post according to your customization

[Opening shot of futuristic digital animation representing artificial intelligence]


"Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, where machines learn, adapt, and potentially outsmart human intelligence."[Cut to a visual of a neural network]Voiceover:"At the heart of AI is machine learning, a process where algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make predictions."[Show examples of AI in everyday life, like smart assistants and self-driving cars]Voiceover:"AI is already integrated into our daily lives, from the voice-activated assistants in our homes to the self-driving technology in our cars."[Shift to a clip of robots working in manufacturing]

YouTube Script Writer can create a Youtube video script up to 10 minutes long

The current viral trend in the technology industry is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for personal productivity and lifestyle enhancement. On social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, hashtags such as #AITools, #LifeHacks, and #TechTips are seeing increased engagement.  Content Strategy: Create a series of short, engaging videos showcasing how AI can streamline everyday tasks, improve sleep, and boost overall well-being. Develop a campaign titled "Tech-Enhanced Life" that resonates with the audience's desire for efficiency and self-improvement.

Viral Trend Finder can find new winning viral trends

"Ever felt like there's not enough hours in your day? Meet Sintra AI, your new productivity sidekick! 🚀"
Content Development: "Sintra AI is changing the game. It's like having a personal assistant that never sleeps, a data analyst, and a creative genius rolled into one! 🤖✨"
Engagement Features: On-screen text: "Double-tap if you love being efficient!" with an animation of a heart appearing with each tap.]

Reels Script Writer can create a viral Reels script for your brand

All Sintra Employees are seamlessly integrated into one single hub for quick access to your favourite co-workers. Simply select your helper and task away.

Each helper is available by simply starting a chat. You can ask your helpers anything you need help with and get instant response.

Use Power-Ups easily. Simply adjust a few parameters and run the power-up for even more powerful automations.

Fill your Brain AI at any time. Add extra knowledge, fill your brand info and let your helpers learn from you even more.

So, what can
Soshie  do for you?

Soshie can

complete 15,000+ social media tasks,

Soshie can

connect with eleven unique power-ups,

Soshie can

do work in more than 100 languages,

Soshie can

use your knowledge across all your tasks,

Soshie can

do it all, in one easy-to-use platform

So you won’t need to worry about social media work, ever again.

So that’s Soshie.


Your social media manager, on AI.

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Smarter than experts. Trained on hundreds of thousands of unique data points.

Available at all times. Chat and get replies instantly. Never gets tired, always delivers on time.

Go global. Talk and complete your work in over 150 native languages.

Fun to use. Made for non-techies. Easy-to-use interface that anyone can get started with.

Power-ups. Unlock more power with powerful automations that can connect to more platforms.

Brain AI.  Link websites,  files and share core knowledge across all your helpers.

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