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Your executive 
assistant, on AI.


Meet Vizzy. The executive assistant designed to handle tasks ranging from image enhancement to trip planning. Vizzy turns your daily challenges into seamless experiences. All without ever breaking a single sweat.

Vizzy improves images, plans trips, organizes events, compiles financial reports, and does so much more.

Trained on thousands of best practices – Vizzy can make your day-to-day work and tasks easier, letting you focus on what really matters.

Available at all times. On your command

Type your request and start completing tasks in seconds, not hours.

Vizzy can handle over 10,000 different tasks, turning your to-do list into done. Ask Vizzy anything, and consider it handled with precision and creativity.

Vizzy, generate a festive image for our holiday marketing.

Vizzy, plan a weekend getaway to New York.

Vizzy, can you organize a birthday party.

Vizzy, generate an image for my new blog post.

Vizzy, I need a financial breakdown for the last quarter.

Vizzy, remove the background from these product images for our online store.

With Vizzy by your side, manage your tasks efficiently and creatively. Just ask, and Vizzy takes care of the rest, leaving you more time to enjoy life.

Efficient, creative, always planning ahead. Vizzy.

A surprising thing about Vizzy...

Can organize a trip in under a minute.

Image Editing
Event Planning
Travel Coordination
Financial Analysis
Vizzy’s hidden talent is...

Creating stunning visuals from mere descriptions.

🎨 Designing eye-catching images
🌍 Planning dream vacations
🎉 Organizing memorable events
💼 Streamlining finances
Vizzy’s ideal evening looks like...

Curating itineraries for adventures around the globe.

Vizzy combines creativity with efficiency, transforming your daily tasks into well-organized projects.
Built on expert knowledge

The sharpest executive assistant you’ll ever meet, on AI.

Vizzy is equipped with deep learning algorithms, providing solutions that are both creative and efficient, making everyday tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

Up to


more accurate results than regular ChatGPT*
Powered by


the most powerful LLM currently available*
More than


additional data-points for better results*
Up to


average message response time*

Empowered by your Brain AI.

Your unique knowledge. Vizzy's expertise. Combined into one.


AI brain can get your website information


you can upload your files and documents to AI brain


answer questions about your unique business

You can add your knowledge to your AI brain at any time, simply select what you want to add.

Your knowledge.
At the core of everything.

Feed your brain. Answer questions about your brand for more unique results.

Add your files. From special instructions to books. All fed into your AI brain.

Your brain, used across tasks. Enable all your AI employees to provide better results.

Simply switch on or off. Stay in control your of how helpers use your data.

Make your helpers even smarter with the AI brain. This way, helpers can do work specific for your brand, without manual work.

The more you feed, the better the results. As helpers progress, they will ask for more information. The more information they have, the better the outcomes.

But wait, there’s more.

Unlock more power with Power-Ups

Vizzy can automate your work  even more with power-ups. Power-ups can enable Sintra helpers to connect to platforms or do more, with less.

Power-Ups available for Vizzy

Mark's 60th Birthday Bash Plan

Date & Time:

To be confirmed. Ideally, pick a date that's close to Mark's actual birthday. If it falls on a weekday, consider doing it on the weekend before or after for better attendance.Theme:Given it's a milestone birthday, how about a "Vintage Classic" or "Golden Years" theme? We could incorporate elements from the year Mark was born or from his favorite decade.Venue:Depending on the guest list size and Mark's preferences, we could look into booking a local event space, a nice restaurant with a private dining area, or even hosting it at someone's home if the gathering is more intimate.

Birthday Organizer can organize a birthday and create a plan

Image Generator can generate images for your social media posts

Day 1: Classic Paris

Morning: Start your day with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Beat the crowds by getting there early. Enjoy breakfast at a nearby café with a view of the tower.

Afternoon: Head to the Louvre Museum. It's impossible to see everything in one visit, but don’t miss the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. After exploring the museum, take a leisurely walk through the Tuileries Garden.Evening: Dine in the Latin Quarter, known for its vibrant atmosphere and great selection of restaurants. After dinner, enjoy a scenic walk along the Seine River.Day 2: Artistic ParisMorning: Visit Montmartre, the famous artists' district. Start at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and then wander around the Place du Tertre, where artists display their work.Afternoon: Explore the Musée d'Orsay, home to a vast collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces. Later, enjoy some shopping or café-hopping in the trendy Le Marais district.Evening: Consider booking a show at the Moulin Rouge for a classic Parisian night out, or opt for a more relaxed evening with dinner at a restaurant offering panoramic views of the city.

Trip Planner can plan a trip to your destination based on your duration

Image Quality Improver can make your images better quality

Background Remover can remove backgrounds from your images

Cash Flow Analysis:

Net cash inflow from operating activities was €11.989M.

Net cash outflow from investing activities was €9M.

Cash reserves were increased to €62.859M.

Investments and Borrowings: Total borrowings at the end of the month were €62.10M. - Investments at the end of the month totaled €84.47M, with the QTC Cash Fund outperforming its benchmark.

Financial Reporter can generate a financial report based on your PDF financials

All Sintra Employees are seamlessly integrated into one single hub for quick access to your favourite co-workers. Simply select your helper and task away.

Each helper is available by simply starting a chat. You can ask your helpers anything you need help with and get instant response.

Use Power-Ups easily. Simply adjust a few parameters and run the power-up for even more powerful automations.

Fill your Brain AI at any time. Add extra knowledge, fill your brand info and let your helpers learn from you even more.

So, what can
Vizzy do for you?

Vizzy can

handle most executive assistant duties,

Vizzy can

connect with six unique power-ups,

Vizzy can

do work in more than 150 languages,

Vizzy can

use your knowledge across all your tasks,

Vizzy can

do it all, in one easy-to-use platform

So you won’t need to worry about administrative tasks, ever again.

So that’s Vizzy.


Your executive 
assistant, on AI.

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Smarter than experts. Trained on hundreds of thousands of unique data points.

Available at all times. Chat and get replies instantly. Never gets tired, always delivers on time.

Go global. Talk and complete your work in over 150 native languages.

Fun to use. Made for non-techies. Easy-to-use interface that anyone can get started with.

Power-ups. Unlock more power with powerful automations that can connect to more platforms.

Brain AI.  Link websites,  files and share core knowledge across all your helpers.

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