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Meet Buddy. Your AI-powered partner in business development. Trained on thousands of data points, Buddy combines deep market insights with advanced analytics to drive innovation in your business operations.

Buddy excels in marketing, audience analysis, product launches, and investor updates.

Buddy helps you create smart business solutions, making your work easier and your business stronger. So you can scale faster and easier.

Available at all times. On your command

Type your request and start completing tasks in seconds, not hours.

Buddy automates and refines critical business development tasks, from planning to execution. Fast, accurate, and insightful — Buddy is your strategic advantage.

Buddy, write an email for our next investor update.

Buddy, develop a marketing strategy for our new product line.

Buddy, analyze our competitors.

Buddy, generate a brand for our new venture.

Buddy, I need a business idea that taps into the current wellness trend.

Buddy, can you draft meeting notes from our discussion this morning?

With Buddy by your side, harness the full potential of AI to develop and grow your business. Think bigger, plan smarter, and move faster.

Innovative, insightful, always strategizing. Buddy.

A surprising thing about Buddy...

Can analyze 500 market trends in under an hour. Without breaking a sweat.

Business Development
Market Analysis
Strategic Planning
Brand Development
Investor Relations
Buddy’s hidden talent is...

Transforming data into strategies and tasks that bring lasting results.

📈 Tracking emerging markets
📊 Crunching numbers for fun
🌐 Exploring new business frontiers
🚀 Launching innovative products
Buddy’s ideal evening looks like...

Crafting a new business strategy that will revolutionize the market.

Buddy incorporates vast data insights and strategic foresight into every decision, making every business move a smart one.
Built on expert knowledge

Your most highly educated business ally, powered by AI.

Buddy is built on a foundation of thousands of successful business strategies and market analyses, offering more than just advice—Buddy offers solutions.

Up to


more accurate results than regular ChatGPT*
Powered by


the most powerful LLM currently available*
More than


additional data-points for better results*
Up to


average message response time*

Empowered by your Brain AI.

Your unique knowledge. Buddy's expertise. Combined into one.


AI brain can get your website information


you can upload your files and documents to AI brain


answer questions about your unique business

You can add your knowledge to your AI brain at any time, simply select what you want to add.

Your knowledge.
At the core of everything.

Feed your brain. Answer questions about your brand for more unique results.

Add your files. From special instructions to books. All fed into your AI brain.

Your brain, used across tasks. Enable all your AI employees to provide better results.

Simply switch on or off. Stay in control your of how helpers use your data.

Make your helpers even smarter with the AI brain. This way, helpers can do work specific for your brand, without manual work.

The more you feed, the better the results. As helpers progress, they will ask for more information. The more information they have, the better the outcomes.

But wait, there’s more.

Unlock more power with Power-Ups

Buddy can automate your work even more with power-ups. Power-ups can enable Sintra helpers to connect to platforms or do more, with less.

Power-Ups available for Soshie

Brand Name: Harmony Haven"

Envisioning a future where balance and customer contentment are the cornerstones of daily life, Harmony Haven commits to crafting harmonious solutions that align with the unique needs of each individual."

Brand Generator can create a brand name and vision behind the brand

Meeting Topic: Branding Strategy for Sintra

Date: May 2, 2024 Time: 9:00 AM Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom Attendees: 15


Introduction to the Sintra AI Brand ConceptDiscussion on Vision Statement and Brand ValuesReview of Product Line and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)Marketing Strategy OverviewAction Items and Next StepsMeeting Notes:Introduction to Sintra Silk Elegance Brand ConceptBuddy introduced the concept behind Sintra Silk Elegance, emphasizing luxury, sustainability, and the health benefits of silk.The brand aims to revolutionize the sleep experience through high-quality silk products.

Meeting Notes Generator can upload your transcript and generate meeting notes

[Background music playing]

[Scene: A person overwhelmed with work, surrounded by sticky notes, flipping through multiple tabs on their computer.]

Voiceover: "Drowning in emails? Endless admin tasks? Meet your new productivity partner: Sintra Helpers!"  [Cut to: Sintra Helpers logo appears on screen]  Voiceover: "Sintra Helpers are AI-powered companions designed to turbocharge your workday." 

Product Launcher can create a product launch plan and timeline

Boost Your Business Efficiency with Sintra AI – Your Time-Saving Solution

As we step into a new month, we are excited to introduce you to Sintra AI – the game-changing bots designed to streamline your business processes and save you precious time. But before we dive into the transformative world of Sintra AI, let's take a moment to explore some intriguing topics that will inspire and captivate you this month.

Newsletter Strategy can create a monthly newsletter calendar with topics and post ideas

Marketing Strategy:

1. Target Audience Identification: Small to medium-sized business owners - Professionals bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks - Industries with a high volume of data entry or analysis.

2. Unique Selling Proposition: Emphasize the AI's ability to save time by automating routine tasks - Highlight the accuracy and consistency that Sintra AI brings to work processes - Stress the ease of integration with existing business systems

Marketing Strategy Generator can generate a marketing strategy for your product

Here's a breakdown of the potential audience demographics:

1. Age Groups: - Young professionals and millennials (ages 25-40) who are familiar with technology and are looking for ways to streamline their busy lives. - Generation Z (ages 18-24) who have grown up with technology and are early adopters of new tech solutions.  2. Income: - Middle to high-income earners who have disposable income to invest in technology that can improve their quality of life. - Individuals in professions that demand a high level of productivity, such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and executives, who see the value in outsourcing tasks to bots.

Target Audience Analyzer can analyze your product's target audience

Dear Investors,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we navigate through the year, I am pleased to provide you with an update on our company's recent activities and the strides we are making in our industry.  We have successfully launched a new product tailored for the AI market, which has been met with a favorable reception. This innovative offering has already begun to carve out a significant position within its respective sector, contributing positively to our financial performance. The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the product's efficien

Investor Updates Email Writer can generate an investor updates email

Competitor Analysis: Burger King

Strengths: 1. Brand Recognition: Burger King is a globally recognized brand with a strong presence in the fast-food industry.2. Diverse Menu: They offer a wide variety of products including flame-grilled burgers, which sets them apart from competitors who do not use this cooking method. 3. Strategic Locations: Burger King has an extensive network of outlets, often located in high-traffic areas. 4. Competitive Pricing: Their pricing strategy is competitive, offering value meals and discounts to attract budget-conscious consumers.

Competitor Analyzer can analyze your competitors and finds their strengths and weaknesses

Eco-Friendly Packaging with QR Codes:

Use sustainable packaging featuring QR codes that provide customers with interactive content, such as how-to guides or the brand's environmental impact. This aligns with consumer interest in sustainability and enhances brand image. Challenges include cost and ensuring the content is engaging, which can be addressed by careful budgeting and creative content strategies.

Business Idea Generator can generate new ideas for your business or startup

All Sintra Employees are seamlessly integrated into one single hub for quick access to your favourite co-workers. Simply select your helper and task away.

Each helper is available by simply starting a chat. You can ask your helpers anything you need help with and get instant response.

Use Power-Ups easily. Simply adjust a few parameters and run the power-up for even more powerful automations.

Fill your Brain AI at any time. Add extra knowledge, fill your brand info and let your helpers learn from you even more.

So, what can
Buddy do for you?

Buddy can

drive business growth with key insights

Buddy can

connect with nine unique power-ups,

Buddy can

do work in more than 150 languages,

Buddy can

use your knowledge across all your tasks,

Buddy can

do it all, in one easy-to-use platform

So you won’t need to worry about business strategy, ever again.

So that’s Buddy.


Your business  strategist, on AI.

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Smarter than experts. Trained on hundreds of thousands of unique data points.

Available at all times. Chat and get replies instantly. Never gets tired, always delivers on time.

Go global. Talk and complete your work in over 150 native languages.

Fun to use. Made for non-techies. Easy-to-use interface that anyone can get started with.

Power-ups. Unlock more power with powerful automations that can connect to more platforms.

Brain AI.  Link websites,  files and share core knowledge across all your helpers.

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