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Your sales strategist, on AI.


Meet Milli. The revolutionary AI sales manager designed to boost your sales team's effectiveness. Milli brings high-level strategy and meticulous execution to every interaction, every time.

Milli specializes in crafting cold call scripts, designing cold emails, building proposals, and advising on negotiations.

Trained on thousands of best sales practices, Milli can be your ultimate underground sales rep or your sales strategist. Without ever breaking a sweat.

Available at all times. On your command

Type your request and start completing tasks in seconds, not hours.

Milli can automate and enhance every aspect of the sales process, from initial contact to closing. Fast, efficient, and always on target.

Milli, what’s a good a persuasive closing call script?

Milli, create discovery call template for my offer.

Milli, generate a sales contract.

Milli, draft a follow-up email for the meeting.

Milli, design an incentive plan for our sales team.

Milli, generate a cold email that stands out.

With Milli, your sales strategy becomes sharper, smarter, and more sophisticated. Just ask and watch your sales soar.

Strategic, charismatic, always closing. Milli.

A surprising thing about Milli...

Can simulate 10,000 sales scenarios in a minute.

Sales Strategy
Email Marketing
Proposal Development
Cold Calling
Negotiation Techniques
Milli’s hidden talent is...

Master at closing deals — I turn maybe's into yes's!

📈 Analyzing sales trends
📊 Crafting winning strategies
💌 Writing compelling emails
🏆 Closing big deals
Milli’s ideal evening looks like...

Strategizing the next big sales push for clients around the globe.

Milli uses cutting-edge AI to craft sales strategies that are not just effective, but revolutionary. Let Milli take the lead and watch your sales figures transform.
Built on expert knowledge

Your smartest social media side-kick, yet.

Soshie has been trained on tens of thousands of unique data touch-points from the top social media marketers. It is smarter than most experts.

Up to


more accurate results than regular ChatGPT*
Powered by


the most powerful LLM currently available*
More than


additional data-points for better results*
Up to


average message response time*

Empowered by your Brain AI.

Your unique knowledge. Milli's expertise. Combined into one.


AI brain can get your website information


you can upload your files and documents to AI brain


answer questions about your unique business

You can add your knowledge to your AI brain at any time, simply select what you want to add.

Your knowledge.
At the core of everything.

Feed your brain. Answer questions about your brand for more unique results.

Add your files. From special instructions to books. All fed into your AI brain.

Your brain, used across tasks. Enable all your AI employees to provide better results.

Simply switch on or off. Stay in control your of how helpers use your data.

Make your helpers even smarter with the AI brain. This way, helpers can do work specific for your brand, without manual work.

The more you feed, the better the results. As helpers progress, they will ask for more information. The more information they have, the better the outcomes.

But wait, there’s more.

Unlock more power with Power-Ups

Milli can automate your work  even more with power-ups. Power-ups can enable Sintra helpers to connect to platforms or do more, with less.

Power-Ups available for Milli

Negotiation Strategy for Sintra AI:

1. Talking Points and Levers: - Highlight the benefits of Sintra AI in streamlining business processes. - Emphasize the adaptability of the AI to various business scenarios. - Present case studies or testimonials showcasing positive outcomes from existing users.  2. Responding to Challenges and Objections: - If concerns arise about integration, discuss the technical support and ease of implementation. - Address cost concerns by outlining the long-term savings and ROI. - For functionality doubts, offer a demo or trial period to showcase Sintra AI's capabilities.

Negotiation Advisor can get guidance on how to negotiate a certain deal

Monday’s plan:

• LinkedIn: Share a blog post about the latest productivity trends.

• X: Share a productivity tip using Sintra helpers.

• Instagram: Post a motivational quote with a work-life balance theme.  

**Tuesday:** - Twitter: Retweet an industry influencer's post and add your perspective. - Facebook: Post a customer success story with a call-to-action (CTA) to learn more. - Instagram Stories: Share snippets from a team meeting, highlighting collaboration. 

Proposal Builder can generate a proposal based on your offer

[Background music playing]

[Scene: A person overwhelmed with work, surrounded by sticky notes, flipping through multiple tabs on their computer.]

Voiceover: "Drowning in emails? Endless admin tasks? Meet your new productivity partner: Sintra Helpers!"  [Cut to: Sintra Helpers logo appears on screen]  Voiceover: "Sintra Helpers are AI-powered companions designed to turbocharge your workday." 

Sales Contract Generator can generate a sales contract for your customer

Hello Melissa,

I hope your day is going well. Do you have a couple of minutes? [Question][If yes] Great! I'm reaching out to introduce Sintra AI, an innovative solution designed to streamline your business operations. Our AI technology automates manual tasks, saving you time and increasing productivity.

Cold Call Script Writer can write a script for your cold calls

Dear Magi,

Imagine cutting your daily workload in half with the help of an intelligent assistant. Sintra AI offers just that - powerful bots designed to automate and streamline your tasks, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.  Our clients experience significant time savings and efficiency gains. Are you ready to transform the way you work? Let's discuss how Sintra AI can benefit your specific needs in a brief call.  Please reply to this email to schedule a convenient time for an interview.

Cold Email Writer can write a script for your cold calls

Strategy for Creating a Targeted Email List for Technology Product Lead


1. Target individuals and businesses within the technology sector, such as tech startups, software companies, and IT service providers. Job Role: Focus on decision-makers like CTOs, IT Managers, and Product Managers who are likely to be interested in new technology products. - **Interest Indicators**: Include prospects who have shown interest in technology innovations through subscriptions to tech blogs, attendance at tech conferences, or participation in online tech forums.

Email List Builder can build an email list of potential prospects to outreach

Hello Justin,

Thanks for hopping on a call. Before we being, I just want to set clear expectations. First of all, I truly appreciate the time you've invested in getting to know Sintra AI and how we can support your business growth. Your success is important to us.  You're doing an incredible job managing your small business, and we understand that efficiency is key. Sintra AI's solutions are designed to streamline your processes, saving you time and resources that you can redirect towards expanding your business.

Discovery Call Script Writer can generate a Discovery Call script based on your brand

Thank you for choosing to speak with us today. I'm delighted to assist you further and ensure you have all the information you need about our AI Helper. From our previous conversations, I understand you're looking for efficient, intelligent solutions to streamline your daily operations and enhance productivity.  Our AI Helper is designed with that exact purpose in mind. It's not just a tool; it's a partner that learns and adapts to your specific business needs, providing personalized support that evolves with you. It's like having an extra set of hands that works 24/7, ensuring no task goes unattended and every detail is managed with precision.

Closing Call Script Writer can create a closing call script based on your brand

Incentive Plan for Sales Team

Sales Targets & Rewards: Achieve 5% above the monthly revenue target: $200 bonus per team member.

Surpass 10% of the monthly revenue target: $400 bonus per team member. - Exceed 15% of the monthly revenue target: an additional day off and a €600 bonus per team member.  **Diverse Incentives:** - "Top Performer of the Month" award with a €250 gift card. - Quarterly team outings for all team members if collective quarterly targets are exceeded by 10%. - Annual luxury retreat for the team if year-end targets are surpassed by 15%.

Incentive Plan Generator can create an incentive plan for your sales teamcall script based on your brand

Dear Eric,

I hope this message finds you well. We noticed that you showed interest in our recent event and wanted to ensure you have all the details for the upcoming one. It's an occasion not to be missed!  Why am I reaching out? To remind you that our highly anticipated event is just around the corner, and we believe it will be of great value to you. It's the perfect opportunity to explore new ideas, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover solutions that could enhance your daily operations.  What's in it for you? Aside from the engaging discussions and networking possibilities, we're also offering exclusive insights into the latest industry trends.

Follow-Up Email Generator can generate a follow-up email for your lead

All Sintra Employees are seamlessly integrated into one single hub for quick access to your favourite co-workers. Simply select your helper and task away.

Each helper is available by simply starting a chat. You can ask your helpers anything you need help with and get instant response.

Use Power-Ups easily. Simply adjust a few parameters and run the power-up for even more powerful automations.

Fill your Brain AI at any time. Add extra knowledge, fill your brand info and let your helpers learn from you even more.

So, what can
Milli do for you?

Milli can

complete most of your sales tasks,

Milli can

connect with eleven unique power-ups,

Milli can

do work in more than 100 languages,

Milli can

use your knowledge across all your tasks,

Milli can

do it all, in one easy-to-use platform

So you won’t need to worry about sales strategy, ever again.

So that’s Milli.


Your sales strategist, on AI.

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Smarter than experts. Trained on hundreds of thousands of unique data points.

Available at all times. Chat and get replies instantly. Never gets tired, always delivers on time.

Go global. Talk and complete your work in over 150 native languages.

Fun to use. Made for non-techies. Easy-to-use interface that anyone can get started with.

Power-ups. Unlock more power with powerful automations that can connect to more platforms.

Brain AI.  Link websites,  files and share core knowledge across all your helpers.

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